Groundhogs and Moles Tearing Up Your Yard?

Does your yard suddenly look like a battle zone? Are there holes and piles of dirt everywhere? Are you seeing yard damage and lines in the grass? You have an invasion in your yard. The holes and dirt piles are groundhog signs while the lines are indicators of mole tunnels. It is time to call for groundhog removal or mole removal.

The Groundhog's Gateway
The groundhog builds its home in the ground instead of in the trees like its relative, the squirrel. The entrance is the part of a groundhog burrow that is visible. It is a large hole with dirt piled up around it. Yard damage is only the beginning of the problem though. The burrows can be up to 20 feet wide, making groundhog removal yourself difficult. Groundhogs build such intricate homes that there are multiple chambers, some have even been identified as strictly for bathroom use only.
These burrows are built in areas where the groundhog finds a suitable food source such as your yard, garden, flower beds, or bushes. Farmers have been waging wars on them since there have been farms. Their buffet consists of roots of plants, leaves, and vegetables. Groundhogs graze, so farmers will find crops with one or two bites taken out of each vegetable making them unsuitable for selling.
Ranchers have issues with them as well. The holes they leave in fields will be disguised by tall grass. Unable to see the holes until it is too late, horses will trip in them, breaking legs.

The Mole Hole

The hole of the mole is considerably smaller than a groundhogs. These look like oversized ant beds with very little dirt at the entrance. The visible difference is the road map they leave behind. You can trace a mole all over your lawn because they tunnel directly under the grass at root level causing yard damage. Some say a mole in the yard is a good thing. They do eat grubs and other pests, and they aerate the yard to a point. The damage comes when they tunnel too shallowly, and aeration becomes dirt trails with the grass roots exposed. Once the roots are turned up, they begin to dry out and the grass dies. There is also a tripping hazard from the holes and unstable tunnels. That is when it is time for mole removal.

Taking Back the Yard

We have all been there and know that the frustration can cause you to try to take matters into your own hands. That is not a good idea. While it is not common for either of these pests to carry rabies, nothing is impossible, and there is still the risk of a nasty bite. You should never approach a wild animal yourself, no matter how big or small.

The professionals at Dog Gone Wildlife have experience in groundhog removal and mole removal and employ humane methods of doing so. With 24/7 emergency service, licensed and insured techs, and a five-year service guarantee, we take care of you as well as the problem. Call us today at 614-778-8131 or visit our website today.


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