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Groundhogs and Moles Tearing Up Your Yard?

Does your yard suddenly look like a battle zone? Are there holes and piles of dirt everywhere? Are you seeing yard damage and lines in the grass? You have an invasion in your yard. The holes and dirt piles are groundhog signs while the lines are indicators of mole tunnels. It is time to call for groundhog removal or mole removal.

The Groundhog's Gateway
The groundhog builds its home in the ground instead of in the trees like its relative, the squirrel. The entrance is the part of a groundhog burrow that is visible. It is a large hole with dirt piled up around it. Yard damage is only the beginning of the problem though. The burrows can be up to 20 feet wide, making groundhog removal yourself difficult. Groundhogs build such intricate homes that there are multiple chambers, some have even been identified as strictly for bathroom use only.
These burrows are built in areas where the groundhog finds a suitable food source such as your yard, garden, flower beds, or bushes. Farmers have be…